Direction Spain.

Summer Time
As I’m looking for my flights for this summer I came into the summer spirit and what else is better than creating some lovely beach day outfits on Polyvore.
I love this App so much. This website (also available at the AppStore) offers you the opportunity to shop in million shops around the world. You can choose between the categories of fashion, beauty and home decor and discover thousand of wonderful styles, combinations and gift ideas. You can choose what you are searching for and filter the stuff out your looking for. Also you can already see some combinations of other users for the item. So if you found a wonderful dress for the evening but you have pretty much no clue how to style it, than you can have a look in the upper section and see how you can dress up for a perfect night out! You can also search for your own clothes and get some mix and match ideas for the next date.
Have some creative hours…
xx Alexa