MUMA – Brazilian Body Tea



Hey there,

long time no see and I’m pretty sorry for my absence. Short update about my life will follow the next couple of days!

But first of all I wish you a happy and wonderful New Year 2015! Hope you all had a wonderful night with all your lovelies and enjoyed the time to  the fullest. Let’s take 2015 to another level and achieve something big. Have fun on the way to your goal and try to stay motivated. It’s okay to have a bad day, don’t bash yourself for things going wrong.We are all human beings and that’s what you should remember all the time. No one is perfect! Little advice for the next year. Choose to be happy every single day  and have a wonderful time. Best wishes to all of you from the happy owner of this blog.

One of my New Years resolutions (hopefully it will last longer than 5 weeks this time) was to get more energy, feed my body the right stuff and find the right balance for myself. I’m definitely no supporter of this whole healthy lifestyle as I think we all have just one life so if you crave chocolate, than have some. The right balance for me is between nourishing  your body with the right foods so and regale your soul with your favorite treats.

Fortunately I got the opportunity to try out the new health tea from the brand MUMA. This company supports you on your way to a better and healthier lifestyle.

“In an increasingly busy world, your health can quickly come second best to the lifestyle you put first.”

They sent me their Brazilian Body Tea 14 days Detox Cleanse which comes in a wonderful golden and shiny package filled with 28 individually packed tea bags. You receive 14 to go with your breakfast and 14 to relax at the coach or in bed with a cup of tea.

This tea promotes your detoxification, digestive cleansing and strengthening, antioxidant boosting, energy stimulation and deeper REM level sleep. For the ingredients check out the link below!

The kind of Teatox went pretty good. I felt energized, nourished and somehow lighter than I normally do, no bloating anymore and healthier as well (imagination over here) . I had my cup of tea whilst I had breakfast in the morning and the second one 30 – 45 minutes before I went to bed.

My mornings normally consist of a huge cup of coffee as you may know from my previous blogposts, so I was kind of afraid how I should survive the next 14 days, but trust me its easier than expected!




Grocery Store


Oh how I love this time of the year! May is the month who symbolize spring and summer for me and definitely show winter is over! The nature turns green, the flowers colorful and we can put out our ballerinas for the next months! Thanks to this sunny weather outside, i got inspired and motivated for going out and doing some grocery store shopping so my fridge gets a bit more color and my mood will bright up with all this wonderful and delicious fruits! Bought some of my favorite basics again like my beloved almond milk and all of my favorite tea sorts but I’m also looking forward trying out all these delicious,natural, organic and new things I found today! Above all I am most excited for trying some new fresh and light summer-recipes! These are the kind of days that always cheers me up.

Are you interested in some food posts and maybe my favorite meals at this time ?

Wish you all a wonderful spring/summer night and some relaxing hours! Going to enjoy a colorful fruit plate with some melons, papayas and bananas right now!