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classic cotton shirt rose // classic cotton shirt blue

As I previously told you I went a bit shopping with my lovely girl in Oslo. As they have a huge Bik Bok store on Karl Johan’s gate we spent nearly one whole day looking at the new collection , searching for some goodies in the left over sale section and trying on some clothes! As the time passes totally quick with lot’s of laugh, modeling and creating some new combinations we spent a wonderful girl’s day in Oslo city. Afterwards we had some delicious sushi dinner with some more girls talks and ended this perfect day with some pick and mix up. I wanted to show you some of my treats as you could find them online as well! If it is possible to order them I will post the links, so it’s easier for you to find my lovely new in clothes too! I was looking for the perfect fitting jeans for such a long time and I finally found my perfect one! Of course not everybody fits in the same jeans as well as other persons but I think I am able to say that those pants fit nearly on everybody perfect! Cause of this stretchy material they suit brilliant on every leg and are unbelievable comfortable to wear! As I was looking for the perfect cozy winter home day outfit (well yes I’m a but weird cause it is finally summer and I’m looking for winter cloth) I found the perfect scarf which already safe my life (maybe not life but I got no bad cold; thanks for that!) and the most cozy travel pants I’ve ever owned so far! Also I was looking for such a long time for some basic striped blouses to just throw over a basic to and be ready to go so well like I said, it was definitely my day so I found 3 ones! 2 blue ones and one rose one! The tops I bought perfectly fit under all those three so my favorite outfit is finally complete!


 Sweat Pants // Grey Scarf


Black Jeans // Grey Pullover // Blue Jeans


Power bowl

Well when it comes to healthy eating there are so many different options and facts that it is nearly impossible to write down how I nutritious meal looks like. Healthy eating doesn’t mean restricting any kind of nutrients. Contrariwise it means packing your meals and snack full if important values for bodies to work with. But as I started to have 3 completely vegetarian days throughout the week I thought I want to share some lunch or dinner inspiration for those of you who are interested in some combinations. As this power plate is one of my favorites in last time here you have some super delicious looking pictures of my lovely and quick Super Bowl.
Vegetarians should focus on some nutrients as they need to get there intake in some other way.

Has thousands of important values for our bodies and is essential for our growth and maintenance. Muscles, skin, hair and nails are some of the protein based parts we need to feed with the goods of flesh food or legumes.

Has the function of being the important carrier of oxygen. Vegetarians could get their iron from dried fruits like apricots for example, peas, while wheat bread or maybe some spinach and also kidney beans.

It is used for our bones and teeth to build them up as strong as possible and and for maintaining bone strength. As it is one one the hardest nutrients for vegetarians to get in you should focus on calcium fortified tofu and sometimes there are some soy milks too.

Helps our immune system to work bravely and plays a necessary role in our biochemical reactions. You can find Zinc in some kind of beans like white/ kidney beans as well as in chickpeas. Also pumpkin seed could help you to get some Zinc in.

Vitamin B12
Our body needs B12 for red blood cell formation as well as for neurological function and DNA synthesis.


grilled eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms with steamed broccoli and cauliflower with some quinoa and beet root

Inner beauty

We all share this one thought. The thought that goes Through our mind a million times a day. That thought that comes nearly every second we see others just walking around and acting in their own personal way. Are we good enough ? Could we really keep on with them? Do we look as good as those curvy, society called perfect ladies in the supermarket? Are we smart enough to keep up with their work? We compare ourselves a million of times a day and the result is always the same. We see ourselves in a wrong, inferior and compared way. We see our scares, crinkles and weaknesses. We see our not perfectly build bodies with all the little blemishes we got through out the lives we’ve already lived. But the most important things we can not see trough our own eyes. Our mind won’t accept this perfection in every single one of us.
All the scares our bodies wear are reminders of hard times we managed to over come. All the battles we’ve won so far, all the pain we survived so far and all the tears we have cried in the past. Every scare is a reminder to ourself how strong we were, how far we come and how much we are able to stay against. We are way more than our bodies present. We are the memories behind them and that is way more important than anything else. Than every scare, scale, number, colour, religion and social class. Why I tell you about this? I had to fight with an eating disorder and had experienced some times where I wasn’t even able to think by myself. There was someone else in my head that told me I’m not enough, I’m just a body with thousand of marks and scared but nothing more. There was this voice who belt all those negative things but wasn’t able to anchorage the real qualities and memories I was built out of. They fade away as they were never experienced. That was the time when I realised that only we can hold our beautiful personalities back. When I realized I am the one who has to trust and to look for my own beauty in myself. Of course all your lovelies around you are able to tell you that you look really stunning and amazing but in the end they are just voices. You have to say you are beautiful! No one else. Cause if you really do believe in you inner beauties and the qualities and memories behind your corp it is not just a voice. We are often blind and only able to see our shells without anything beautiful. So it’s time to drop down our covers and show our real beauty.

Hello again!

As some of you may have noticed, there were no new blogposts up the last couple of weeks! I’m really sorry for that but as I previously told you I spent some wonderful days over in Oslo and worked when I was home so there was unfortunately no time sitting down, taking some time for myself and laying in bed with my computer, a cup of tea and writing some blogposts. But that’s what I’m doing right now so stay tuned for some new posts for the next week. This post should just be a bit like a hello-here-I-am-again-blogpost to update you about my trip! As I spent the time in Oslo with some of the most wonderful girls I’ve ever met I had no time to take some photos or anything! We spent some lovely days in Oslo city and did the whole day shopping, talking, tanning and swimming. In the evening we had a huge pizza order night and enjoyed every single second together. As you may know there are those pick and mix stations spread all over Norway! You can call them also paradise and they are simply candy and chocolate stations where you can pick and mix all those heavens goodies. We’ve spent there nearly the half time of our trip and enjoyed those treats at night at our hotel’s wonderful roof terrace. It was one of the most inspiring trips I’ve ever done and afterwards it felt so calming and right to go spontaneously on this short girl’s trip. As I returned home I did some grocery and fruit shopping to pick up some colors for my fridge and my typical porridge bowls. Have a wonderful summer everyone 🌸

August inspo


Photos adapted from my  We Heart It.

As July already comes to its end and the next month is waiting in front of the door it’s time for a new monthly inspiration collage. I do feel very excited about the month of August every year cause it symbolize the season of summer, friends, fun and happy days in my head. I’m having 6 weeks of school break and enough time to reenergize my levels for the following weeks of work and school stuff. This summer is going to be pretty the sea as I spent the last ones but that’s the way i really do love to calm down and having some time for myself and all my lovelies around myself. As I mentioned earlier I am going to have a little girl’s trip to Oslo for visiting some of my norwegian friends over there and having some time for long girl’s conversations, movie nights with Ben and Jerry, barbecue dinners at the sea side or lake and afterwards watching the sun go down with strawberries, chocolate and wine (norwegians and Sweden’s will know about this tradition!)!  As I come back there will be some weeks of hard work but I’m going to be as relaxed and energized as Buddah himself so I am pretty sure I  won’t allow some stressed moments to pop up even if the winter collection is new in and has to be unpacked and all those kind of things. Living the beach life for 2 weeks with my family and friends sounds perfect to me to continue with my calming summer program after some weeks of work. Doing some Yoga at the sea side, long walks at the beach, Sushi and Sunsets at the beach. Sounds unbelievable brilliant ? So does it, and so would it happen! Have a lovely summer!


Up and Away


Sorry for my short time absence the last couple of days. I really try to upload a blog post every second day but in the last time it’s a bit difficult! Cause there are lots of things to get planed and organized I took some time for myself some days ago and relaxed in my warm and cozy bed (the rainy weather is definitely not good for my Mind :)) and decided spontaneously to make a trip in one week to Norway for visiting some friends and having some wonderful hours together. As I’m going to stay in Oslo, I was wondering if maybe anyone of you already has been there? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences about this Scandinavian city. We have already planed some tourist attractions, barbecues, tan sections and shopping trips but if we do have missed something in our master plan I’d love to work in your suggestions for a wonderful girls vacation. Unfortunately Im only going to stay over there for 4 days but I’m pretty excited about every second spending in this royal country!

Maybe there will be some blogposts up as soon as I am heading back; so stay tuned!

Ice Cream


One of my favorite summer moments? It’s easy to explain what I do need for a wonderful summer evening at the end of the week. After 4 days of waking up early and being on track the whole day long it feels wonderful coming home for an delicious peanut chicken curry from my favorite take a way place, some fresh lime and elder drinks and some of my favorite candles in the smell of beach waves and sunsets. I love to hear some relaxing New York Jazz music in the background while having some long girl talks with my mom like we had today. Talking, eating and enjoying every summer second on these warm days is definitely my favorite kind of ending the day. Well not really the end. Finishing up my day as perfect as possible I have to introduce you to my new favorite addiction. Luna and Larry’s organic Coconut Bliss Ice creams. Those kind of treats are Soy and Gluten Free and Vegan! They’re made out of creamy Coconut milk and appear in many different and all these yummy flavors your tummy could ask for. Chocolate Walnut Brownie, Mocha Maca Crunch, Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge or Naked Coconut Bars! I thinks there is something for every bon vivant beneath us. Sharing a pint of Ginger Cookie Caramel and Chocolate Peanut Butter is the reason for ending this blogpost right now. Otherwise it would be melt away or my mom might finish it all by herself!
Have a sweet and creamy evening and stay energized for the last day of work before weekend! ♡




What time is it?

I’ve wanted to buy  a new watch ( well to be honest my first real one) for such a long time now. Actually I have been looking for the perfect one since ages and I already found some pretty Micheal Kors and Marc Jocobs ones but they were all a way too big form my little and small wrist after all, so I was searching for a tiny one but unfortunatly that is pretty difficult. All the newest trends yell for bigger and massiver watches so my problems grew each season a bit more. As I found two watches at the JFK Airport in New York which both seem brilliant to me, it was a huge dissapointment when the staff told me they only do sell both of them just in packages with a male one. So thanks god, it’s not already enough disappointing to be single, no you are not even anymore allowed to buy a watch just for yourself!

So I decided to have a try at our local Michael Kors shop and it seemed like all angles played togehter cause I finally found the perfect one! I’m, absolutely in love with this one!



Last Dinner


It feels so funny that a trip like my vacancy in New York, actually ended almost one month ago already, but I feel like it ended up the other day. I can honestly say those 10 days in New York were among the best days in the last time and I think in my whole life too. Of course a holiday is always a wonderful expericience but during the week that we spent there, everything was just so giant, exciting and wonderful that I only have positive things to say about this city that never ever sleeps. I can’t remember any minute packed with stress or having a bad mood; instead I felt alive and completly pleased about the moment and life in these wonderful hours I was allowed to stay and live in this wonderful concrete joungle. Although my initial dreams about moving there some times and lifing this fast and perfect life someday on my own are getting even stronger every minute I spend over there. Would be amazing to see the city during different seasons and get to know some of these open and freindly inhabitants even better. Fallen deeply in love with this city, population and lifestyle.


As our trip to New York City came to an end, I wanted to finish my travel- blogpost- series with the same moment we shared for say goodbye to this magical place. On our last day we went to a little restaurant one street away from our apartment in Harlem. The place is called Red Rooster and you definitly will get to know some new people at the terasse area while having some delicious dinner or at the bar, in the center inside, while sharing some cocktails after a long day of work. The crowd offers a beautiful and huge harmony of races and all kind of cultural backgrounds.When you first walk in you will be treated with a familar and friendly kind of greeting and afterwards the (good looking) service is very kind and will definitly papmer you with all things your heart and tummy desires.

The chowder we had ordered was a huge pan full of all those unbelievable treasuries the sea offers you. I cannot believe how much seafood we got for $72 for the chowder!(It says it’s for two but I really think it can feed way more hungry bellies). This was one of these perfect dishes that I still think about! It was a perfect last dinner for our unforgettable time we spend over there.