What’s going on?

As you may have noticed, there was such a long time no blogpost or Instagram activity. There was a lot going on in the last couple of month.

Christmas. Of course there was this whole christmas thing going on in the pre-christmas time at my family house. This was also one reason I haven’t blogged. Christmas is very personal period of the year where all the family comes together to spend some joyful and merry hours together. We had baking sessions at my grandmas and tones of hot chocolates at our famous movie days to warm up after a long dog walk in the winter wonder land. It’s one of my favorite time a year as you can leave all the stress behind and completely calm down.



Happy New Year everyone! That all your dreams come true!

New Years Eve. Not quite sure what to say more  about this night than it was amazing. Too much food, alcohol,  giant fireworks, clubbing and dancing the night out. First we went to a friend’s house and had delicious self cooked food from my Brazilian friends. I think you can understand why I definitely had too much this evening, but who cares! I won’t tell you about the super delicious and creamy chocolate desserts as I don’t want you to collapse in front of your computer.



School started again and the last 1.5 years of high school have begun. Now we are all working and studying for our final exams. Google was definitely the best supporter trough out the last weeks. The coffee machine had a 24/7 work shift and the local Starbucks shops were financed by me and my friends. But hey, 1 of 3 exam periods are done.



New York 2014


United states of America. First on the list is New York again. I think my passion for this unbelievable city is already pretty clear but if you haven’t noticed yet it’s the place my dreams are made of, it’s the place where I fuel up my energy levels every single time, and the place to meet the best people world wide. We are going to life in the beautiful apartment in Harlem again and I can’t wait to share some impressions with you again!


If traveling was free you’d never see me again.


Spain. Can’t believe I’m going to meet all my lovely girls again. We went to Oslo the last time and it was the time of my life! They turned from strangers to friends. Can’t wait for summer days at the beach, chocolate for breakfast, wine for dinner and watermelon at the pool. Jealous? I’m sorry!

All picture are from my Instagram.


What’s in my bag?

As summer finally arrived and we have to pack our bag for the beach I thought I could share with you my typical beach essentials. As it may sound like a quick and easy thing to stuff everything for the beach in one bag, for me it’s a big challenge to pack and organize everything so I do not forget about anything and to be prepared for every situation! I created a little check-list- collage for myself so I will never forget anything again and thought this would be the perfect way to present you my goods.

1. Finding the right beach bag isn’t as easy as it may sounds like! For me it is important that I can fit everything easily in so it has to be a huge one but also with some possibilities to organise my stuff inside. So I found my lovely Vanessa Bruno bag in the nude colour tone! It has a little pocket on the inside for phone, keys and little things and is easy to close with a little sipper! As those bags come in all those different colors I’m pretty sure that I’m able to say they are a statement piece for everyone!
2. Magazines and my iPhone are the beach basics and definitely a must! I love just laying on the beach and getting some new inspiration and motivation from all those different magazines! And as you already know I do own a little inflows toon notebook so this has to be in my bag too! One more basic? My iPhone with earphones for some music!
3. Flip flop! Do I have to explain anything? No ? I think we all know these are the go to shoes for very beach day!
4. If it comes to salty water and sandy air skin care is more important than normally ! The skin and lips are getting dry and ask for some cream or lotion! My favorite ones are the eos lip balms and the Victoria secret lotion and body mist I bought in New York earlier! They give your skin what he desires and let it look like a beautiful treated body!
5. Polaroid cameras are one of my favorite things during the summer time! Even if I thing there is no better way to Collect memories just my living the moment end enjoying every second, my second one is to shoot some photos and have a lot of fun while looking at all those stupid faces and poses you did in those moments. Afterwards you can make your own summer collage at home or pin it on your walls!
6. Wallet: ice cream safer!
7. I’d like to bring my favorite white thirst with me all the time we are spending a day the beach. If you have to go to toilet or go and grab some ice cream I like to just throw my top over my bikini and I’m ready to go.
8. Towels? No explanation necessary but you can’t imagine how often I’ve missed them at the beach as I realized I’ve forget the simplest things !
9. Sunglasses! It’s pretty the same as the problem with the perfect beach bag! There are so many different kinds of glasses and finding the right one which suits you perfect and supports brilliantly your facial features is a long search! Round, cat eye, the pilot one? But most importantly you have to look at the protection it offers you! Keep going, there is the perfect glass for everyone of us !
10. Of course beach days won’t be beach days without buying some ice cream on the beach bar near by but you should also bring some little treats with you! To stay hydrated I like to bring some watery fruits like melons with me and also some berries and apples to grab and snack on! And never forget to drink enough water throughout a hot day at the beach! I’d like to put some lemon slices in my water bottle as well! Fresh and fruity!

All links could be found on my polyvore.

Off to the sea side ♡

Finally the luggages are packed, everything is stored in the back of the car and the apartment is ready to be left! Yes, it is travel time again and I’m unbelievable happy to spend some time at the beach again! Really did miss those long sea side evenings with sushi served on a surf board and all those summer rituals! So this is our last dinner before we leave! Steak served on a 300 degrees hot stone with a huge potato stuffed with the best curd cheese I have ever tried and a grilled corn cob on the side! My dish was pretty similar, 2 sweet potatoes instead of the regular one and some more veggies as a side dish! Have a beachy day everyone and enjoy every single summer second! Treat yourself as good as possible and always remember, we only have one life and live for a limited time so don’t waste any second of this wonderful period!


Salad Nights

Last night we had a  ‘Salad-night’ out  at our favorite place in the last couple of months. They are known for their (not as big as maybe expected) salad creations section. After a long and exhausting day of work and tones  of unpacked cartoons full filled with the new collection of clothes and trying out some new combinations for the following seasons, a fresh and fruity salad was the perfect dinner. I enjoyed my greens to the full in a creation paired with some freshly picked strawberries, grilled salmon and a unbelievable delicious dressing existing of lime juice, honey and oil. As we watched the sunset from our favorite terrace place everything seemed to be perfect for one moment. Delicious food, sunset and the end of the week. This was the perfect start into a long, calming and cozy weekend. Afterwards I went home and completed this long day with a whole pint of my favorite peanut butter ice-cream and some chocolate bites. This girl can’t go to bed before she got her cravings satisfied! Enjoy your 48 hours of free time and better eat your chocolate treats cause that’s the only way to defend them from the chocolate monster! ♡


Hello again!

As some of you may have noticed, there were no new blogposts up the last couple of weeks! I’m really sorry for that but as I previously told you I spent some wonderful days over in Oslo and worked when I was home so there was unfortunately no time sitting down, taking some time for myself and laying in bed with my computer, a cup of tea and writing some blogposts. But that’s what I’m doing right now so stay tuned for some new posts for the next week. This post should just be a bit like a hello-here-I-am-again-blogpost to update you about my trip! As I spent the time in Oslo with some of the most wonderful girls I’ve ever met I had no time to take some photos or anything! We spent some lovely days in Oslo city and did the whole day shopping, talking, tanning and swimming. In the evening we had a huge pizza order night and enjoyed every single second together. As you may know there are those pick and mix stations spread all over Norway! You can call them also paradise and they are simply candy and chocolate stations where you can pick and mix all those heavens goodies. We’ve spent there nearly the half time of our trip and enjoyed those treats at night at our hotel’s wonderful roof terrace. It was one of the most inspiring trips I’ve ever done and afterwards it felt so calming and right to go spontaneously on this short girl’s trip. As I returned home I did some grocery and fruit shopping to pick up some colors for my fridge and my typical porridge bowls. Have a wonderful summer everyone 🌸

Girls Night Out


As I mentioned in my last post, the most important thing in life is to enjoy every second of life and treat yourself and body as brilliant as you are allowed to. So when it was time for two of my favorite people in my life to return back home from one year studying abroad we decided having a wonderful  and delicious dinner night out so there is enough quality time for some funny and typical american stories. We went to a local Italian and Thai restaurant called Ocui. Ocui means open cuisine so you are able to get your food prepared in front of yourself. I really do love those kind of restaurant especially if the food tastes as good as at our favorite girl’s day local. Spend the evening with eating, drinking, chatting and some old photos. Those are the moments summer stands for.

Hope you all are having some warm and summery evenings. 





Hey hey lovelies! Hope you are all doing well and had already some wonderful June hours! Summer is definitely here already so today I decided to take a break and bake some mini strawberry cakes! They taste super fruity and sweet and symbolize traditionally every year the beginning of my favorite summer time in my family ! Like you may have noticed in my previous blog posts I have to study a lot in the last time and that’s the reason why I’m not going to be able to post some posts the following week! I’m going to have my final test on Monday,Wednesday and Thursday so afterwards I will definitely take some time to shot and write some new blog posts! So here is a quick update for the following weeks. Next week there will be no blogposts cause of all the school stuff and things to manage for my trips. My birthday weekend I’m going to spend at the sea with my lovely girlfriends and we are going to celebrate the summer and my sweet sixteen! Well and than there is the 10th of June, the day I’m waiting for months now! Going to New York for 10 days! I will have internet over there so maybe there will be some blogposts up while I’m in the States! If not, the photos will be up when I’m back home! Are there any desires or wishes for posts ? Wish you all some sunny hours and a wonderful weekend end! See you soon lovelies!

Thursday ♡

Good morning lovelies!
Today I thought I will do a picture diary of a typical day in my life but I failed a bit! Never thought It’s going to be as hard as it was to take some picture the whole day long so here are some impressions of my day! If you are interested in a full picture day post please let me know and I will try my best to not end the day with just food picture on my memory card!

So this was my breakfast for today! Had a lovely Crêpe with some banana slices and agave syrup in bed, combined with a huge cup of fresh coffee with some almond milk! Had some time before heading of for school so checked out some blogs and we ♡ it! What a wonderful and sunny morning !

Had some meeting in this wonderful location! So in love with all the colors and non pictured flowers in this area!


Upsi! Well I did it again. Grocery shopping. Very typical like the last time. I bought my favorite tea again and some basics for the rest if the week! The fruit section in the stores always brights my mood up a lot so I thought some colors in my fridge will work perfectly !
Prepared a delicious, fresh and fruity midday snack with lots of different berries and my favorite fruit: papaya! This feels a lot like summer and the sweetness gives me enough energy for the following study hours.


For dinner I had my favorite quick and easy couscous salad ! One of my favorite summer meals in the last time. Cook some couscous, slice you veggies ( I used tomatoes and cucumber) and toss it with some olive oil, salt and a bit of pepper!

After a long day of work and studying, it feels great to lay in bed and check out some new swimsuit styles on Polyvore ! That’s the way I love to end my days !

Good night everyone and have a relaxed Friday and weekend start ! ♡

Grocery Store


Oh how I love this time of the year! May is the month who symbolize spring and summer for me and definitely show winter is over! The nature turns green, the flowers colorful and we can put out our ballerinas for the next months! Thanks to this sunny weather outside, i got inspired and motivated for going out and doing some grocery store shopping so my fridge gets a bit more color and my mood will bright up with all this wonderful and delicious fruits! Bought some of my favorite basics again like my beloved almond milk and all of my favorite tea sorts but I’m also looking forward trying out all these delicious,natural, organic and new things I found today! Above all I am most excited for trying some new fresh and light summer-recipes! These are the kind of days that always cheers me up.

Are you interested in some food posts and maybe my favorite meals at this time ?

Wish you all a wonderful spring/summer night and some relaxing hours! Going to enjoy a colorful fruit plate with some melons, papayas and bananas right now! 



Hello Monday


That’s what’s going on over here today! Two main things: studying and a lot of coffee. Going to have math exam the other day and the only thing helping me keep going right now is a lot of coffee with some almond milk. I was probably for such a long time without them, but I didn’t do any good. Sorry tea, but the only supporter on those days are many cups of coffee. As an delicious study snack I had a wonderful bowl filled with some yogurt, strawberries and raspberries. Added my favorite fruits to add some color into this rainy and grayish day. Have to go now and make some more cups of my favorite wonder drink.

Hope you all enjoy your evening without any math books and stuff, but if you do, my advice for tonight’s date: chocolate, coffee and almond milk! Good luck honey!