One day…

As it comes to holiday our typical day routine looks pretty the same everyday! As I already showed you one day of my life at home I thought it is time to present you kind of an update! So here it is, one day in pictures.



Good morning everyone! 





Oh and guess what the oatmeal queen has for breakfast as usual? Quakers golden syrup topped with the sweetest raspberries from the farmer’s market near by and a huge cup of my beloved almond milk coffee latte! What is your breakfast tradition and favorite oatmeal topping combinations? 


Off to the beach like well to be honest everyday! This is what summer time looks like! Tanning, ice cold lemonade, fruits, magazines and cooling down in the water! Summer holiday I fell deeply in love with you.


“I wish I’d live on the beach.”


Getting ready for dinner and having a super delicious and healthy end of the day at a restaurant near the sea side. Had this super yummy appetizer before my ordered Tagliatelle with fish filets in a curry kind of sauce. 

Tomato sauce infused Bulgur with teriyaki grilled chicken and a mint yogurt dip on the side.


Summer sunsets. 


So my lovelies, this is the end of a typical calming and sunny day during my lovely trip to one of the most beautiful islands if ever been to.

Have a wonderful time and enjoy every second of this amazing summer! 


Beach day


Wohoo! We finally made it to the sea side and already spend a wonderful beach day with well not as much sun as a beach day normally stays for but I mean we spend the day at the beach and that’s what count! We started in the day with a lovely golden syrup quakers oatmeal topped with tones of super fresh and sweet raspberries from the farmers market near by and of course my favorite creamy coffee! As I took my bubble bath and packed my bag for the beach we were ready to take off. After a short stop at the city on our way before we finally made our way to the beach! As it was a bit too windy to lay down and just tan we decided to take a long and beautiful beach walk (my dog was thankful at all). We went to a restaurant in the dune and rest there for nearly 2 hours just sipping on hot coffee and enjoying the sunny weather. As we head home, took a shower we were ready for dinner at the harbor nearby. We enjoyed a super delicious food plate loaded with tone of super delicious fish pieces, black tiger king pawns, some potato wedges and some delicious herbage baguette on the side. To end up this wonderful day we treated ourself with a delicious chocolaty ice-cream afterwards and fell satisfied in our beds after a long and wonderful beach day.



“I wish I lived on the beach.”

Up and Away


Sorry for my short time absence the last couple of days. I really try to upload a blog post every second day but in the last time it’s a bit difficult! Cause there are lots of things to get planed and organized I took some time for myself some days ago and relaxed in my warm and cozy bed (the rainy weather is definitely not good for my Mind :)) and decided spontaneously to make a trip in one week to Norway for visiting some friends and having some wonderful hours together. As I’m going to stay in Oslo, I was wondering if maybe anyone of you already has been there? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences about this Scandinavian city. We have already planed some tourist attractions, barbecues, tan sections and shopping trips but if we do have missed something in our master plan I’d love to work in your suggestions for a wonderful girls vacation. Unfortunately Im only going to stay over there for 4 days but I’m pretty excited about every second spending in this royal country!

Maybe there will be some blogposts up as soon as I am heading back; so stay tuned!

Last Dinner


It feels so funny that a trip like my vacancy in New York, actually ended almost one month ago already, but I feel like it ended up the other day. I can honestly say those 10 days in New York were among the best days in the last time and I think in my whole life too. Of course a holiday is always a wonderful expericience but during the week that we spent there, everything was just so giant, exciting and wonderful that I only have positive things to say about this city that never ever sleeps. I can’t remember any minute packed with stress or having a bad mood; instead I felt alive and completly pleased about the moment and life in these wonderful hours I was allowed to stay and live in this wonderful concrete joungle. Although my initial dreams about moving there some times and lifing this fast and perfect life someday on my own are getting even stronger every minute I spend over there. Would be amazing to see the city during different seasons and get to know some of these open and freindly inhabitants even better. Fallen deeply in love with this city, population and lifestyle.


As our trip to New York City came to an end, I wanted to finish my travel- blogpost- series with the same moment we shared for say goodbye to this magical place. On our last day we went to a little restaurant one street away from our apartment in Harlem. The place is called Red Rooster and you definitly will get to know some new people at the terasse area while having some delicious dinner or at the bar, in the center inside, while sharing some cocktails after a long day of work. The crowd offers a beautiful and huge harmony of races and all kind of cultural backgrounds.When you first walk in you will be treated with a familar and friendly kind of greeting and afterwards the (good looking) service is very kind and will definitly papmer you with all things your heart and tummy desires.

The chowder we had ordered was a huge pan full of all those unbelievable treasuries the sea offers you. I cannot believe how much seafood we got for $72 for the chowder!(It says it’s for two but I really think it can feed way more hungry bellies). This was one of these perfect dishes that I still think about! It was a perfect last dinner for our unforgettable time we spend over there.





Meatpacking District



New York has been nothing but amazing and I was just trying to soak every second in and enjoy every second I was allowed to stay in this breathtaking country. We’ve been going uptown and downtown, eating, enjoyingthe sunny times over there, eating more little sweets and treats, doing some shopping in the coolest upcoming shops I’ve ever seen so far and made some new friends. Can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun composed in one day! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I just feel eager to find out the reasons for all these crazy random things 🙂 This day we were heading off to the Meet Packing District which is definitly one of my favorite areas in whole manhattan.We walked around, had some coffee break and enjoyed this chilled and realaxed atmosthpere in this district. Took a long walk down the High Line in the wonderful warm sun and took some photos of this magnificent part of my favorite city.Have a great Wednesday everyone!



Spotted at Grand Central

What do you get when two Gossip Girl fans head to Grand Central Terminal? At least a bunch of Gossip Girl quotes and spotting Serena and Dan! So we had to go see the station with our own eyes, once in NYC. It is definitely the most gorgeous train station I’ve ever seen, absolutely stunning.

I think there is no chance as a huge Gossip Girl fan to not visit the Grand Central Station in one the most beautiful and calming parts of Manhattan! I was looking for Serana’s arrival and Nate but wasn’t lucky enough for having a starbucks coffee neither with the beauty queen nor the hottest guy! By the way Blair and Chuck were also not available at that time so I had to comfort myself in the food shops and little treat bakeries. I think there could be a worse situation than it was in this giant hall. Downstairs they have a pretty impressive food court as well (wish all yummies your heart is reaching for), restaurant by restaurant (all kind of nationalities); just in case you should feel hungry (if not you definitely feel afterwards :))!

It’s unbelievable how impulsive life especially at this place is. Everyone is busy, running for reaching the next train, waving hands for goodbyes or having a strong black brewed coffee before heading off for work. That is what life in New York is about. And each second i was standing in this massive complex felt more and more confident about moving into this wonderful empire state of love, power and happiness.


Deli Lunch

My favorite lunch option in New York City? Well this is pretty easy to answer. May sound a bit crazy to some of you cause the variety of delicious, healthy and trendy restaurant in the city that never sleeps are endless but on hot day (like we had our whole trip) it’s impossible for me to eat such a huge Lunch at midday. When you are walking throw the streets in Manhattan you have no chance overlook all those tiny delis and little grocery store shops. So did we and after a long time and some try outs we found our favorite one. They offer you a wonderful, fresh and delicious lunch buffet an it’s up to you to create your favorite and personalized meal. It is called Smiler’s and is located near the central park area. So at Lunch time we went to our lovely deli, mixed our yummy meals and walked back to the Apple Store Plaza were you are allowed to use the open area with chairs and desks for eating or any other things and enjoyed our delicious lunches in the sun while watching people and let the fast street life affect us. 

Two of my favorite lunch boxes. Filled with greens, carbs, proteins and vitamins. Healthy, quick and unbelievable delicious. 








New York is definitely not only a dream for the shopper, but it’s also a heaven for the healthy and breakfast lovers. All these tiny restaurants and coffee shops in the streets let my heart beat a bit faster than it normally does. Before we head over to New York I was so excited about our trip, so I planed where I really want to try out the best coffees, cakes and breakfast places in town. I heard a lot over instagram and all those new york foodie pages there is a little breakfast place called Oatmeals which sells, well guess what, oatmeals. I am a huge breakfast lover and as you may have noticed from all of my previous blog posts I’m really addicted to porridge and all these kind of day starts. So this store seemed perfect to me and so it was. First you have to decide if you want your oatmeal preperaed with milk or water and afterwars you have do go creative and top it up. The options are unlimited. Fruity, chocolaty, spicy? Well there are no limits. They also do have their own creations like Brown Sugar Cinnamon Raisin (pictured) and the section of those combinations is pretty amazing and delicous.






New York City Streets




Our Sunday in the sunny city that never sleeps was the definition of a perfect Sunday: started off with a delicious granola, yogurt, chia pudding and berry breakfast and a Medium hazelnut Latte from Starbucks in bed, than took the metro to Columbus Circus and bought some cold water bottles and just enjoyed the sunny morning in the wonderful green area the central part in the heart of Manhattan. We headed to the Apple Store Plaza for some delicious Deli Lunch Boxes (blogpost will be up soon!), then walked all the way down to Times Square for some more shopping – not too much but quality over quantity, right? Time to say goodbye to money. Just a fantastic way to spend the day, walking around, feeling great and happy.
Sun in the City, shopping the whole day long and some delicious treats like I told you earlier about in my pervious blogpost. Could there be anything better than this? I do not really think so! 



Sweet treats

photo 1

Don’t we all love and share a little addiction for tiny, pretty and sweet kind of treats? Well I guess we do, and thats the reason why i really wanted to introduce you to my favorite little cupcake bakeshop in New York City. When I first visited their store near Wall Street it was unbelievable difficult and took me a long time to decide which one of those tiny little pieces of heaven I should try. The shop is called Baked by Melissa and they sell miniature cupcakes in all flavors your heart and soul asks for. Chocolaty, fruity or spicy ? I’m pretty sure it won’t be easy for any of you lovelies to decide which one you should try. So did I and in the end I decided to try the 3 mini cupcake box with my all time favorite flavor Chocolate Chip Pancake, must eat taste Red Velvet Cupcake and of course my addiction and mini of the month flavor Cinnamon Bun. They tasted heavenly delicious and I’m not even able to tell you which one was my favorite one. As a night snack we decided to treat ourselves with 6 further ones. Cookies and Cream, chocolate Pretzel and Peanut butter with Jelly were definitely the best night snacks I had for such a long time. You definitely should have a look at their flavor section and may let some of these little treats let enjoy your girls night too.

photo 2

photo 3