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classic cotton shirt rose // classic cotton shirt blue

As I previously told you I went a bit shopping with my lovely girl in Oslo. As they have a huge Bik Bok store on Karl Johan’s gate we spent nearly one whole day looking at the new collection , searching for some goodies in the left over sale section and trying on some clothes! As the time passes totally quick with lot’s of laugh, modeling and creating some new combinations we spent a wonderful girl’s day in Oslo city. Afterwards we had some delicious sushi dinner with some more girls talks and ended this perfect day with some pick and mix up. I wanted to show you some of my treats as you could find them online as well! If it is possible to order them I will post the links, so it’s easier for you to find my lovely new in clothes too! I was looking for the perfect fitting jeans for such a long time and I finally found my perfect one! Of course not everybody fits in the same jeans as well as other persons but I think I am able to say that those pants fit nearly on everybody perfect! Cause of this stretchy material they suit brilliant on every leg and are unbelievable comfortable to wear! As I was looking for the perfect cozy winter home day outfit (well yes I’m a but weird cause it is finally summer and I’m looking for winter cloth) I found the perfect scarf which already safe my life (maybe not life but I got no bad cold; thanks for that!) and the most cozy travel pants I’ve ever owned so far! Also I was looking for such a long time for some basic striped blouses to just throw over a basic to and be ready to go so well like I said, it was definitely my day so I found 3 ones! 2 blue ones and one rose one! The tops I bought perfectly fit under all those three so my favorite outfit is finally complete!


 Sweat Pants // Grey Scarf


Black Jeans // Grey Pullover // Blue Jeans


What time is it?

I’ve wanted to buy  a new watch ( well to be honest my first real one) for such a long time now. Actually I have been looking for the perfect one since ages and I already found some pretty Micheal Kors and Marc Jocobs ones but they were all a way too big form my little and small wrist after all, so I was searching for a tiny one but unfortunatly that is pretty difficult. All the newest trends yell for bigger and massiver watches so my problems grew each season a bit more. As I found two watches at the JFK Airport in New York which both seem brilliant to me, it was a huge dissapointment when the staff told me they only do sell both of them just in packages with a male one. So thanks god, it’s not already enough disappointing to be single, no you are not even anymore allowed to buy a watch just for yourself!

So I decided to have a try at our local Michael Kors shop and it seemed like all angles played togehter cause I finally found the perfect one! I’m, absolutely in love with this one!



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The last couple of days were so calming for myself! After I had my chemistry exam (which went better than I though it’s going to be, but don’t we all know this feeling and afterwards it’s worser than expected?) I spent a sunny and relaxed day with all my lovelies just to get rid off the tension and forget all this school stuff! And yesterday I went off to the city with my best friend and we spent such a lovely day! Delicious food, checking out the new summer collections and talking a lot ! Oh how I missed her! We bought some new friend bracelets with a little hand of Fatima charm. The actual meaning behind this symbol is an image recognized and used as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history, the hamsa is believed to provide defense against the evil eye. For my girlfriend and me it should represent our friendship and the hand should protect our relation. I love this girl so much and she plays one of the most important roles in my life so this jewelry means a lot to me. Furthermore I thought it’s time to get summer ready and finding some light and aerial shorts! Found this one at Zara and love it so much! This blue color yells after beach time, summer and hot days so dear New York I think I’m well prepared and ready to take off!
Ended up this wonderful day with a Pilates lesson and some mediation and I promise you this is my favorite way to start a long weekend full of studying and stressful things.
Wish you all some sunny hours and a wonderful weekend!