Direction Spain.

Summer Time
As I’m looking for my flights for this summer I came into the summer spirit and what else is better than creating some lovely beach day outfits on Polyvore.
I love this App so much. This website (also available at the AppStore) offers you the opportunity to shop in million shops around the world. You can choose between the categories of fashion, beauty and home decor and discover thousand of wonderful styles, combinations and gift ideas. You can choose what you are searching for and filter the stuff out your looking for. Also you can already see some combinations of other users for the item. So if you found a wonderful dress for the evening but you have pretty much no clue how to style it, than you can have a look in the upper section and see how you can dress up for a perfect night out! You can also search for your own clothes and get some mix and match ideas for the next date.
Have some creative hours…
xx Alexa

Interior design

As it comes to rainy weather, cold wind and dark sky out side it is time to get creative again! As I showed you in a previous blogpost what I do normally like to do on days like this I though I would go kind of in detail about one of my inspiration categories! Hell yeah I think you can call me interior junkie or freak or what ever describes this unbelievable addiction and love for furniture, colors and their effects and all those wonderful designs and combination possibilities! As I currently just relax in the bathtub enjoying chocolaty bubble bath there is a tone of free time to get creative and to start looking for some new pieces of furniture and some new decoration ideas for my room. As I’m not completely satisfied about my room at the time I though it would be fun having a change and maybe to create a complete new paradise for my self! So I head over to polyvore and some other interior design pages to have a look at their bed and decoration section! In the photo below you can see some of my favorites. Simple, classic and cozy. As I searched for furniture which combined all of these important aspects for me and my room I found all those pieces of wonderful designed furniture. Maybe it helps you to get inspired for some new combinations or pieces which will suit in your room as perfectly as well? If you could recommend some interior pages as well it would be amazing if you could share them with me! Have some cozy and inspiring time everyone!



For details head over to Polyvore

Rainy Days


Hey lovelies, I hope you all started pretty well in a relaxing and calming weekend and already enjoyed the Saturday as much as possible. As it started raining this morning I decided to not be sad about it but to exploit every second I have to stay in bed and create a wonderful home spa day just for myself. Fortunately I bought some new fashion and lifestyle yesterday so i was able to start my cozy day in bed with a huge almond coffee and a warm and extra sweet quaker oatmeal with some cinnamon! Sounds pretty much like a winter day with snow and the mood to stay in bed, and to be honest with you it felt like this too! But I really do love those kind of days too even if it’s summer! As I showered myself, pedi and manicured my nails a started to create some new pages in my inspiration book. I love this kind of activity quiet much and I think there could be nothing better than laying in bed with the most comfy pajama pants, sipping on a delicious hot chocolate and getting some new interior, fashion and lifestyle inspirations. Hope you all treated yourself as good as I did and had a creative weekend, too! ♡



Inner beauty

We all share this one thought. The thought that goes Through our mind a million times a day. That thought that comes nearly every second we see others just walking around and acting in their own personal way. Are we good enough ? Could we really keep on with them? Do we look as good as those curvy, society called perfect ladies in the supermarket? Are we smart enough to keep up with their work? We compare ourselves a million of times a day and the result is always the same. We see ourselves in a wrong, inferior and compared way. We see our scares, crinkles and weaknesses. We see our not perfectly build bodies with all the little blemishes we got through out the lives we’ve already lived. But the most important things we can not see trough our own eyes. Our mind won’t accept this perfection in every single one of us.
All the scares our bodies wear are reminders of hard times we managed to over come. All the battles we’ve won so far, all the pain we survived so far and all the tears we have cried in the past. Every scare is a reminder to ourself how strong we were, how far we come and how much we are able to stay against. We are way more than our bodies present. We are the memories behind them and that is way more important than anything else. Than every scare, scale, number, colour, religion and social class. Why I tell you about this? I had to fight with an eating disorder and had experienced some times where I wasn’t even able to think by myself. There was someone else in my head that told me I’m not enough, I’m just a body with thousand of marks and scared but nothing more. There was this voice who belt all those negative things but wasn’t able to anchorage the real qualities and memories I was built out of. They fade away as they were never experienced. That was the time when I realised that only we can hold our beautiful personalities back. When I realized I am the one who has to trust and to look for my own beauty in myself. Of course all your lovelies around you are able to tell you that you look really stunning and amazing but in the end they are just voices. You have to say you are beautiful! No one else. Cause if you really do believe in you inner beauties and the qualities and memories behind your corp it is not just a voice. We are often blind and only able to see our shells without anything beautiful. So it’s time to drop down our covers and show our real beauty.

August inspo


Photos adapted from my  We Heart It.

As July already comes to its end and the next month is waiting in front of the door it’s time for a new monthly inspiration collage. I do feel very excited about the month of August every year cause it symbolize the season of summer, friends, fun and happy days in my head. I’m having 6 weeks of school break and enough time to reenergize my levels for the following weeks of work and school stuff. This summer is going to be pretty the sea as I spent the last ones but that’s the way i really do love to calm down and having some time for myself and all my lovelies around myself. As I mentioned earlier I am going to have a little girl’s trip to Oslo for visiting some of my norwegian friends over there and having some time for long girl’s conversations, movie nights with Ben and Jerry, barbecue dinners at the sea side or lake and afterwards watching the sun go down with strawberries, chocolate and wine (norwegians and Sweden’s will know about this tradition!)!  As I come back there will be some weeks of hard work but I’m going to be as relaxed and energized as Buddah himself so I am pretty sure I  won’t allow some stressed moments to pop up even if the winter collection is new in and has to be unpacked and all those kind of things. Living the beach life for 2 weeks with my family and friends sounds perfect to me to continue with my calming summer program after some weeks of work. Doing some Yoga at the sea side, long walks at the beach, Sushi and Sunsets at the beach. Sounds unbelievable brilliant ? So does it, and so would it happen! Have a lovely summer!


Oh July…



Like every month also July brings some new inspiration and motivation.  Summer months present the power, energy and willing to reach your goals the most. On those warm and light days I’m even more excited to turn some thing in my life, to try some new things, may turn around and find another way to find and get the chance to realize my wishes,finding myself and learn to love it again, treating myself better and finding my personal perfect lifestyle.

In the last days something changed with myself, my situation and my plans and wishes. I didn’t care a lot about my body the last year and didn’t treated myself like I should have done but I realized it and now I am ready to turn something. One of the most important things I’ve learned from an Instagram girl I found the other day is to accept yourself, your body and all the things life brings and gives you. We shouldn’t complain all the time about things our bodies look like or, compared to the others, our legs aren’t as thin or well formed. We only do have our body and we should treat him as good as possible cause he’s the one who carries us around our whole life. Is there really a reason for hating your body, yourself or your life? No, definitely not. We are fortunately able to create our own lifes and personalities. If you feel uncomfortable about yourself, your body or anything else do not complain about it. Try to change it the way you are longing for. Do not only say I wish and want, say I will and I know I can get it cause I’m strong enough. I do have the power to create something amazing and to make myself proud. Cause that is what you are, strong, positive and powerful! You should never forget yourself behind all those comparisons. I definitely could write a much longer blogpost about this topic but for today I just want to give you some quotations, photos and thought that may help you to feel more comfortable with yourself and your body. Are you interested in some blogposts about motivation quotes, thought and advises which helped me to overcome some situations?

Have a nice July and some relaxing and contemplative hours. Try to treat yourself in the best way you could and make this month to your own one.

We ♡ It

Oh lovely summer time!


Inspiration, inspiration and some more inspiration. Oh, I love it so much. Especially when the summer is coming home and everybody gets happier. The flowers, the sun, the mood, nearly everything turns brighter and the energy you get is unbelievable! That’s why I searched for some new inspiration for the following hot month season! Looking for the perfect Bikini, some holiday destinations and some food stuff on we heart it almost everyday and got so inspired by all these lovely pictures I’ve found! I have so many new ideas what I want to do with my life and how perfect it will be. These pictures are from my page, if you want to follow me click weheartit!

Wish you some sunny days and an some inspiring hours ♡

My Wishlist


Okay, I’m turning 16 soon, well to be exact in 19 days, but that’s soon! But here is a part of my wish list! I know it’s a bit too long for one birthday but I mean we all could have our wishes for longer than just our birthday, don’t we ? I’m working a bit in the last time so I will maybe be able to satisfy some of these goodies by myself! Like someone told me before: since you are making your own money, money won’t be as fun as it used to be when you got it on your birthday ! So maybe some wishes will come true.

Close your eyes and make a wish.

Sunday Inspiration ♡


Sundays are those days, which I never ever would give up for any price! I start this week end day usually with a wonderful warm porridge with some fresh berries on top and some cinnamon sprinkle and of course a big bowl of hot coffee. Reading fashion magazines and get inspired by the new spring collection is definitely a must do on days like these. Could there be anything better than starting your day with a lot of inspiration for the next week? I think there is nothing which motivates as much as some quotes, pictures and reminders! I’m looking for some new decor, food and fitness inspiration for the next week so I spend maybe a bit too much time on We Heart It, but now I am full of new ideas and things i want to realize. Oh, I can’t wait to follow them! ♡

Are you guys are interested in some food and fitness posts? Maybe about some quick recipes or interesting tips for the summer time?


Mellow Tints


Started my day with a bowl of cinnamon spiced porridge and some fresh berries which I found at our local grocery store and my favorite cup filled with my natural Tiny Tea. Read some new blogposts on Bloglovin’ and got inspired by We heart it. This is definitely the way I want to start all days. By the way, I really do feel more energized and motivated since I started drinking 3 cups of the tea each day, but I’m not quite sure if this is the result of this power drink or maybe results from the wonderful sunshine which woke me up the last days. To kill time on waiting for my new ordered camera, I decided to pop out for treating myself with some new interior magazines. I’m so in love with the beginning of each new season and all these wonderful and colorful new collections, patterns and ideas coming out during this time. I am big lover of all these pretty pastel tones and colors and when I saw the easter and spring decoration ideas, i felt like heaven!
As you may have noticed from my previous collage my favorite tint is baby rosé! A big thank you to my mom for letting me become a pink fanatic but I think now it’s too late to turn around my passions for coloring and decorating my room.
The collage shows some of my all time favorites and wish list points paired with some new spring furniture and decoration stuff!

For more inspiration!