MUMA – Brazilian Body Tea



Hey there,

long time no see and I’m pretty sorry for my absence. Short update about my life will follow the next couple of days!

But first of all I wish you a happy and wonderful New Year 2015! Hope you all had a wonderful night with all your lovelies and enjoyed the time to ¬†the fullest. Let’s take 2015 to another level and achieve something big. Have fun on the way to your goal and try to stay motivated. It’s okay to have a bad day, don’t bash yourself for things going wrong.We are all human beings and that’s what you should remember all the time. No one is perfect! Little advice for the next year. Choose to be happy every single day ¬†and have a wonderful time. Best wishes to all of you from the happy owner of this blog.

One of my New Years resolutions (hopefully it will last longer than 5 weeks this time) was to get more energy, feed my body the right stuff and find the right balance for myself. I’m definitely no supporter of this whole healthy lifestyle as I think we all have just one life so if you crave chocolate, than have some. The right balance for me is between nourishing ¬†your body with the right foods so and regale your soul with your favorite treats.

Fortunately I got the opportunity to try out the new health tea from the brand MUMA. This company supports you on your way to a better and healthier lifestyle.

“In an increasingly busy world, your health can quickly come second best to the lifestyle you put first.”

They sent me their Brazilian Body Tea 14 days Detox Cleanse which comes in a wonderful golden and shiny package filled with 28 individually packed tea bags. You receive 14 to go with your breakfast and 14 to relax at the coach or in bed with a cup of tea.

This tea promotes your detoxification, digestive cleansing and strengthening, antioxidant boosting, energy stimulation and deeper REM level sleep. For the ingredients check out the link below!

The kind of Teatox went pretty good. I felt energized, nourished and somehow lighter than I normally do, no bloating anymore and healthier as well (imagination over here) . I had my cup of tea whilst I had breakfast in the morning and the second one 30 – 45 minutes before I went to bed.

My mornings normally consist of a huge cup of coffee as you may know from my previous blogposts, so I was kind of afraid how I should survive the next 14 days, but trust me its easier than expected!




Beach day


Wohoo! We finally made it to the sea side and already spend a wonderful beach day with well not as much sun as a beach day normally stays for but I mean we spend the day at the beach and that’s what count! We started in the day with a lovely golden syrup quakers oatmeal topped with tones of super fresh and sweet raspberries from the farmers market near by and of course my favorite creamy coffee! As I took my bubble bath and packed my bag for the beach we were ready to take off. After a short stop at the city on our way before we finally made our way to the beach! As it was a bit too windy to lay down and just tan we decided to take a long and beautiful beach walk (my dog was thankful at all). We went to a restaurant in the dune and rest there for nearly 2 hours just sipping on hot coffee and enjoying the sunny weather. As we head home, took a shower we were ready for dinner at the harbor nearby. We enjoyed a super delicious food plate loaded with tone of super delicious fish pieces, black tiger king pawns, some potato wedges and some delicious herbage baguette on the side. To end up this wonderful day we treated ourself with a delicious chocolaty ice-cream afterwards and fell satisfied in our beds after a long and wonderful beach day.



“I wish I lived on the beach.”

Power bowl

Well when it comes to healthy eating there are so many different options and facts that it is nearly impossible to write down how I nutritious meal looks like. Healthy eating doesn’t mean restricting any kind of nutrients. Contrariwise it means packing your meals and snack full if important values for bodies to work with. But as I started to have 3 completely vegetarian days throughout the week I thought I want to share some lunch or dinner inspiration for those of you who are interested in some combinations. As this power plate is one of my favorites in last time here you have some super delicious looking pictures of my lovely and quick Super Bowl.
Vegetarians should focus on some nutrients as they need to get there intake in some other way.

Has thousands of important values for our bodies and is essential for our growth and maintenance. Muscles, skin, hair and nails are some of the protein based parts we need to feed with the goods of flesh food or legumes.

Has the function of being the important carrier of oxygen. Vegetarians could get their iron from dried fruits like apricots for example, peas, while wheat bread or maybe some spinach and also kidney beans.

It is used for our bones and teeth to build them up as strong as possible and and for maintaining bone strength. As it is one one the hardest nutrients for vegetarians to get in you should focus on calcium fortified tofu and sometimes there are some soy milks too.

Helps our immune system to work bravely and plays a necessary role in our biochemical reactions. You can find Zinc in some kind of beans like white/ kidney beans as well as in chickpeas. Also pumpkin seed could help you to get some Zinc in.

Vitamin B12
Our body needs B12 for red blood cell formation as well as for neurological function and DNA synthesis.


grilled eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms with steamed broccoli and cauliflower with some quinoa and beet root

Ice Cream


One of my favorite summer moments? It’s easy to explain what I do need for a wonderful summer evening at the end of the week. After 4 days of waking up early and being on track the whole day long it feels wonderful coming home for an delicious peanut chicken curry from my favorite take a way place, some fresh lime and elder drinks and some of my favorite candles in the smell of beach waves and sunsets. I love to hear some relaxing New York Jazz music in the background while having some long girl talks with my mom like we had today. Talking, eating and enjoying every summer second on these warm days is definitely my favorite kind of ending the day. Well not really the end. Finishing up my day as perfect as possible I have to introduce you to my new favorite addiction. Luna and Larry’s organic Coconut Bliss Ice creams. Those kind of treats are Soy and Gluten Free and Vegan! They’re made out of creamy Coconut milk and appear in many different and all these yummy flavors your tummy could ask for. Chocolate Walnut Brownie, Mocha Maca Crunch, Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge or Naked Coconut Bars! I thinks there is something for every bon vivant beneath us. Sharing a pint of Ginger Cookie Caramel and Chocolate Peanut Butter is the reason for ending this blogpost right now. Otherwise it would be melt away or my mom might finish it all by herself!
Have a sweet and creamy evening and stay energized for the last day of work before weekend! ‚ô°




Last Dinner


It feels so funny that a trip like my vacancy in New York, actually ended almost one month ago already, but I feel like it ended up the other day. I can honestly say those 10 days in New York were among the best days in the last time and I think in my whole life too. Of course a holiday is always a wonderful expericience but during the week that we spent there, everything was just so giant, exciting and wonderful that I only have positive things to say about this city that never ever sleeps. I can’t remember any minute packed with stress or having a bad mood; instead I felt alive and completly pleased about the moment and life in these wonderful hours I was allowed to stay and live in this wonderful concrete joungle. Although my initial dreams about moving there some times and lifing this fast and perfect life someday on my own are getting even stronger every minute I spend over there. Would be amazing to see the city during different seasons and get to know some of these open and freindly inhabitants even better. Fallen deeply in love with this city, population and lifestyle.


As our trip to New York City came to an end, I wanted to finish my travel- blogpost- series with the same moment we shared for say goodbye to this magical place. On our last day we went to a little restaurant one street away from our apartment in Harlem. The place is called Red Rooster and you definitly will get to know some new people at the terasse area while having some delicious dinner or at the bar, in the center inside, while sharing some cocktails after a long day of work. The crowd offers a beautiful and huge harmony of races and all kind of cultural backgrounds.When you first walk in you will be treated with a familar and friendly kind of greeting and afterwards the (good looking) service is very kind and will definitly papmer you with all things your heart and tummy desires.

The chowder we had ordered was a huge pan full of all those unbelievable treasuries the sea offers you. I cannot believe how much seafood we got for $72 for the chowder!(It says it’s for two but I really think it can feed way more hungry bellies). This was one of these perfect dishes that I still think about! It was a perfect last dinner for our unforgettable time we spend over there.





Grocery Store Haul




Being healthy and fit seems to be the newest trend all over the social media world and I have to admit that this hype also gets me. I mean i am definitely not one of those healthy and fit Instagram girls with perfect bodies but i think I’m one of the ones who gets motivated and inspired by those kind of beauties and that’s the reason why I’m really trying to treat myself as good as possible and to follow my body’s desires and wishes. I think one of the most important things is that we learn to follow and hear to our body and soul. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others or to their lifestyle or food intake or anything like this. We should feed our body with things he wants to and treat our minds in this way the best as possible. In the last time I try to give my body lots of healthy super foods,veggies and fresh colorful fruits to offer him all those important nutrient he needs for doing his work. Thats the reason why I love to go out and doing some grocery store shopping at the local food and organic market. I already found my all time favorite snacks and treat but I’m still excited to try new products as well as my go to purchases. In the following photos i want to present you some of my typical goodies and explain a bit about their health facts.


  • Chalked full and essential Vitamins
  • High in Protein¬†
  • Promotes health blood sugar levels
  • maintains efficient heart and blood vessel function
  • reduces migraines
  • gluten free
  • promotes healthy digestion
  • lessens the risk of heart disease and stroke


  • lowers cholesterol¬†
  • reduce risk of high blood pressure
  • full of antioxidants
  • prevents the arteries from hardening
  • stabilizes blood sugar
  • prevent the development of diabetes
  • boosts immune system

Peanut Butter 

  • source of protein
  • heart friendly¬†
  • more potassium
  • healthy fat
  • energy booster
  • fiber rich
  • packed with nutrients

Coconut Water

  • Hydrating Properties
  • anti aging
  • antioxidants
  • increases metabolic rate
  • controls diabetes¬†
  • boosts energy
  • muscle cramps¬†
  • stronger bones
  • manages stress

Almond Milk

  • heart health
  • blood sugar friendly¬†
  • bone health
  • skin care
  • eye health¬†
  • more muscle power

Buckwheat and Sweet Potato Noodles

  • regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol¬†
  • blood sugar stabilization
  • gall bladder health
  • source of protein¬†

Green Tea

  • contains various bioactive compounds
  • improve brain function
  • improves physical performance
  • antioxidants
  • can kill bacteria

Dark Chocolate

  • good for your heart
  • good for your brain
  • control blood sugar
  • full of antioxidants
  • contains theobromine
  • high in vitamins and minerals


  • potassium
  • more energy
  • helps digestion
  • high in vitamins (B6) and minerals¬†
  • skin conditions


  • get healthier, whiter teeth¬†
  • avoid alzheimer’s
  • protect against parkinson’s
  • curb all sorts of cancers
  • decreases your risk of diabetes¬†
  • reduce cholesterol¬†
  • get a healthier heart
  • boost your immune system¬†


  • prevent cancer
  • lower cholesterol¬†
  • clears the skin
  • eye health
  • helps diabetes
  • improves digestion
  • remedy for heart stroke
  • boosts immune system


  • asthma prevention
  • high blood pressure
  • helps digestion
  • prevents heart stroke


Deli Lunch

My favorite lunch option in New York City? Well this is pretty easy to answer. May sound¬†a bit crazy to some of you cause the variety of delicious, healthy and trendy restaurant in the city that never sleeps are endless but on hot day (like we had our whole trip) it’s impossible for me to eat such a huge Lunch at midday. When you are walking throw the streets in Manhattan you have no chance overlook all those tiny delis and little grocery store shops. So did we and after a long time and some try outs we found our favorite one. They offer you a wonderful, fresh and delicious lunch buffet an it’s up to you to create your favorite and personalized meal. It is called Smiler’s and is located near the central park area. So at Lunch time we went to our lovely deli, mixed our yummy meals and walked back to the Apple Store Plaza were you are allowed to use the open area with chairs and desks for eating or any other things and enjoyed our delicious lunches in the sun while watching people and let the fast street life affect us.¬†

Two of my favorite lunch boxes. Filled with greens, carbs, proteins and vitamins. Healthy, quick and unbelievable delicious. 








New York is definitely not only a dream for the shopper, but it’s also a heaven for the healthy and breakfast lovers. All these tiny restaurants and coffee shops in the streets let my heart beat a bit faster than it normally does. Before we head over to New York I was so excited about our trip, so I planed where I really want to try out the best coffees, cakes and breakfast places in town. I heard a lot over instagram and all those new york foodie pages there is a little breakfast place called Oatmeals which sells, well guess what, oatmeals. I am a huge breakfast lover and as you may have noticed from all of my previous blog posts I’m really addicted to porridge and all these kind of day starts. So this store seemed perfect to me and so it was. First you have to decide if you want your oatmeal preperaed with milk or water and afterwars you have do go creative and top it up. The options are unlimited. Fruity, chocolaty, spicy? Well there are no limits. They also do have their own creations like Brown Sugar Cinnamon Raisin (pictured) and the section of those combinations is pretty amazing and delicous.






Sweet treats

photo 1

Don’t we all love and share a little addiction for tiny, pretty and sweet kind of treats? Well I guess we do, and thats the reason why i really wanted to introduce you to my favorite little cupcake bakeshop in New York City. When I first visited their store near Wall Street it was unbelievable difficult and took me a long time to decide which one of those tiny little pieces of heaven I should try. The shop is called Baked by Melissa and they sell miniature cupcakes in all flavors your heart and soul asks for. Chocolaty, fruity or spicy ? I’m pretty sure it won’t be easy for any of you lovelies to decide which one you should try. So did I and in the end I decided to try the 3 mini cupcake box with my all time favorite flavor Chocolate Chip Pancake, must eat taste Red Velvet Cupcake and of course my addiction and mini of the month flavor Cinnamon Bun. They tasted heavenly delicious and I’m not even able to tell you which one was my favorite one. As a night snack we decided to treat ourselves with 6 further ones. Cookies and Cream, chocolate Pretzel and Peanut butter with Jelly were definitely the best night snacks I had for such a long time. You definitely should have a look at their flavor section and may let some of these little treats let enjoy your girls night too.

photo 2

photo 3