What’s going on?

As you may have noticed, there was such a long time no blogpost or Instagram activity. There was a lot going on in the last couple of month.

Christmas. Of course there was this whole christmas thing going on in the pre-christmas time at my family house. This was also one reason I haven’t blogged. Christmas is very personal period of the year where all the family comes together to spend some joyful and merry hours together. We had baking sessions at my grandmas and tones of hot chocolates at our famous movie days to warm up after a long dog walk in the winter wonder land. It’s one of my favorite time a year as you can leave all the stress behind and completely calm down.



Happy New Year everyone! That all your dreams come true!

New Years Eve. Not quite sure what to say more  about this night than it was amazing. Too much food, alcohol,  giant fireworks, clubbing and dancing the night out. First we went to a friend’s house and had delicious self cooked food from my Brazilian friends. I think you can understand why I definitely had too much this evening, but who cares! I won’t tell you about the super delicious and creamy chocolate desserts as I don’t want you to collapse in front of your computer.



School started again and the last 1.5 years of high school have begun. Now we are all working and studying for our final exams. Google was definitely the best supporter trough out the last weeks. The coffee machine had a 24/7 work shift and the local Starbucks shops were financed by me and my friends. But hey, 1 of 3 exam periods are done.



New York 2014


United states of America. First on the list is New York again. I think my passion for this unbelievable city is already pretty clear but if you haven’t noticed yet it’s the place my dreams are made of, it’s the place where I fuel up my energy levels every single time, and the place to meet the best people world wide. We are going to life in the beautiful apartment in Harlem again and I can’t wait to share some impressions with you again!


If traveling was free you’d never see me again.


Spain. Can’t believe I’m going to meet all my lovely girls again. We went to Oslo the last time and it was the time of my life! They turned from strangers to friends. Can’t wait for summer days at the beach, chocolate for breakfast, wine for dinner and watermelon at the pool. Jealous? I’m sorry!

All picture are from my Instagram.


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