One day…

As it comes to holiday our typical day routine looks pretty the same everyday! As I already showed you one day of my life at home I thought it is time to present you kind of an update! So here it is, one day in pictures.



Good morning everyone! 





Oh and guess what the oatmeal queen has for breakfast as usual? Quakers golden syrup topped with the sweetest raspberries from the farmer’s market near by and a huge cup of my beloved almond milk coffee latte! What is your breakfast tradition and favorite oatmeal topping combinations? 


Off to the beach like well to be honest everyday! This is what summer time looks like! Tanning, ice cold lemonade, fruits, magazines and cooling down in the water! Summer holiday I fell deeply in love with you.


“I wish I’d live on the beach.”


Getting ready for dinner and having a super delicious and healthy end of the day at a restaurant near the sea side. Had this super yummy appetizer before my ordered Tagliatelle with fish filets in a curry kind of sauce. 

Tomato sauce infused Bulgur with teriyaki grilled chicken and a mint yogurt dip on the side.


Summer sunsets. 


So my lovelies, this is the end of a typical calming and sunny day during my lovely trip to one of the most beautiful islands if ever been to.

Have a wonderful time and enjoy every second of this amazing summer! 


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