What’s in my bag?

As summer finally arrived and we have to pack our bag for the beach I thought I could share with you my typical beach essentials. As it may sound like a quick and easy thing to stuff everything for the beach in one bag, for me it’s a big challenge to pack and organize everything so I do not forget about anything and to be prepared for every situation! I created a little check-list- collage for myself so I will never forget anything again and thought this would be the perfect way to present you my goods.

1. Finding the right beach bag isn’t as easy as it may sounds like! For me it is important that I can fit everything easily in so it has to be a huge one but also with some possibilities to organise my stuff inside. So I found my lovely Vanessa Bruno bag in the nude colour tone! It has a little pocket on the inside for phone, keys and little things and is easy to close with a little sipper! As those bags come in all those different colors I’m pretty sure that I’m able to say they are a statement piece for everyone!
2. Magazines and my iPhone are the beach basics and definitely a must! I love just laying on the beach and getting some new inspiration and motivation from all those different magazines! And as you already know I do own a little inflows toon notebook so this has to be in my bag too! One more basic? My iPhone with earphones for some music!
3. Flip flop! Do I have to explain anything? No ? I think we all know these are the go to shoes for very beach day!
4. If it comes to salty water and sandy air skin care is more important than normally ! The skin and lips are getting dry and ask for some cream or lotion! My favorite ones are the eos lip balms and the Victoria secret lotion and body mist I bought in New York earlier! They give your skin what he desires and let it look like a beautiful treated body!
5. Polaroid cameras are one of my favorite things during the summer time! Even if I thing there is no better way to Collect memories just my living the moment end enjoying every second, my second one is to shoot some photos and have a lot of fun while looking at all those stupid faces and poses you did in those moments. Afterwards you can make your own summer collage at home or pin it on your walls!
6. Wallet: ice cream safer!
7. I’d like to bring my favorite white thirst with me all the time we are spending a day the beach. If you have to go to toilet or go and grab some ice cream I like to just throw my top over my bikini and I’m ready to go.
8. Towels? No explanation necessary but you can’t imagine how often I’ve missed them at the beach as I realized I’ve forget the simplest things !
9. Sunglasses! It’s pretty the same as the problem with the perfect beach bag! There are so many different kinds of glasses and finding the right one which suits you perfect and supports brilliantly your facial features is a long search! Round, cat eye, the pilot one? But most importantly you have to look at the protection it offers you! Keep going, there is the perfect glass for everyone of us !
10. Of course beach days won’t be beach days without buying some ice cream on the beach bar near by but you should also bring some little treats with you! To stay hydrated I like to bring some watery fruits like melons with me and also some berries and apples to grab and snack on! And never forget to drink enough water throughout a hot day at the beach! I’d like to put some lemon slices in my water bottle as well! Fresh and fruity!

All links could be found on my polyvore.


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