Beach day


Wohoo! We finally made it to the sea side and already spend a wonderful beach day with well not as much sun as a beach day normally stays for but I mean we spend the day at the beach and that’s what count! We started in the day with a lovely golden syrup quakers oatmeal topped with tones of super fresh and sweet raspberries from the farmers market near by and of course my favorite creamy coffee! As I took my bubble bath and packed my bag for the beach we were ready to take off. After a short stop at the city on our way before we finally made our way to the beach! As it was a bit too windy to lay down and just tan we decided to take a long and beautiful beach walk (my dog was thankful at all). We went to a restaurant in the dune and rest there for nearly 2 hours just sipping on hot coffee and enjoying the sunny weather. As we head home, took a shower we were ready for dinner at the harbor nearby. We enjoyed a super delicious food plate loaded with tone of super delicious fish pieces, black tiger king pawns, some potato wedges and some delicious herbage baguette on the side. To end up this wonderful day we treated ourself with a delicious chocolaty ice-cream afterwards and fell satisfied in our beds after a long and wonderful beach day.



“I wish I lived on the beach.”


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