Interior design

As it comes to rainy weather, cold wind and dark sky out side it is time to get creative again! As I showed you in a previous blogpost what I do normally like to do on days like this I though I would go kind of in detail about one of my inspiration categories! Hell yeah I think you can call me interior junkie or freak or what ever describes this unbelievable addiction and love for furniture, colors and their effects and all those wonderful designs and combination possibilities! As I currently just relax in the bathtub enjoying chocolaty bubble bath there is a tone of free time to get creative and to start looking for some new pieces of furniture and some new decoration ideas for my room. As I’m not completely satisfied about my room at the time I though it would be fun having a change and maybe to create a complete new paradise for my self! So I head over to polyvore and some other interior design pages to have a look at their bed and decoration section! In the photo below you can see some of my favorites. Simple, classic and cozy. As I searched for furniture which combined all of these important aspects for me and my room I found all those pieces of wonderful designed furniture. Maybe it helps you to get inspired for some new combinations or pieces which will suit in your room as perfectly as well? If you could recommend some interior pages as well it would be amazing if you could share them with me! Have some cozy and inspiring time everyone!



For details head over to Polyvore


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