Rainy Days


Hey lovelies, I hope you all started pretty well in a relaxing and calming weekend and already enjoyed the Saturday as much as possible. As it started raining this morning I decided to not be sad about it but to exploit every second I have to stay in bed and create a wonderful home spa day just for myself. Fortunately I bought some new fashion and lifestyle yesterday so i was able to start my cozy day in bed with a huge almond coffee and a warm and extra sweet quaker oatmeal with some cinnamon! Sounds pretty much like a winter day with snow and the mood to stay in bed, and to be honest with you it felt like this too! But I really do love those kind of days too even if it’s summer! As I showered myself, pedi and manicured my nails a started to create some new pages in my inspiration book. I love this kind of activity quiet much and I think there could be nothing better than laying in bed with the most comfy pajama pants, sipping on a delicious hot chocolate and getting some new interior, fashion and lifestyle inspirations. Hope you all treated yourself as good as I did and had a creative weekend, too! ♡




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