Salad Nights

Last night we had a  ‘Salad-night’ out  at our favorite place in the last couple of months. They are known for their (not as big as maybe expected) salad creations section. After a long and exhausting day of work and tones  of unpacked cartoons full filled with the new collection of clothes and trying out some new combinations for the following seasons, a fresh and fruity salad was the perfect dinner. I enjoyed my greens to the full in a creation paired with some freshly picked strawberries, grilled salmon and a unbelievable delicious dressing existing of lime juice, honey and oil. As we watched the sunset from our favorite terrace place everything seemed to be perfect for one moment. Delicious food, sunset and the end of the week. This was the perfect start into a long, calming and cozy weekend. Afterwards I went home and completed this long day with a whole pint of my favorite peanut butter ice-cream and some chocolate bites. This girl can’t go to bed before she got her cravings satisfied! Enjoy your 48 hours of free time and better eat your chocolate treats cause that’s the only way to defend them from the chocolate monster! ♡



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